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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy informs you of the policies and practices we have in place relating to the management of personal information at Alliance Assurance Inc. This policy applies to personal customers, including individuals carrying on business alone or in partnership with other individuals. It consists of five key principles:

1. Collecting and using information
Either before or when we collect information about you, we will explain how we intend to use it. We will limit the information we collect to what we need for those purposes, and we will use it only for those purposes. We will obtain your consent if we wish to use your information for any other purpose and before collecting information from third parties such as credit bureaus.

Your personal financial information is used to help us manage operations and risk within Alliance Assurance. Your information is also used in order to satisfy valid information requests from regulators and other organizations or individuals who are legally entitled to make such requests.

2. Releasing information
We may provide your information to other persons:
- where we have your consent
- where the other parties are our suppliers or agents who assist us in serving you
- where we are required or permitted to do so by law or applicable regulators and self-regulatory organizations
- where transfers of a business are involved

3. Protecting information
We will protect your information with appropriate safeguards and security measures. We will retain your information only for the time it is required for the purposes we explain.

4. Providing information access and accuracy
We will give you access to the information we retain about you. We will make every reasonable effort to keep your information accurate and up-to-date.

5. Respecting and responding to your privacy concerns
In the Alliance Privacy Policy, we will explain your options for refusing or withdrawing consent to the collection, use and release of your information, and we will record and respect your choices. We will investigate and respond to your concerns about any aspect of our handling of your information.

In the Alliance Privacy Policy, we will explain how we fulfill each of these important principles.

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